Professor Stephen Hawking „Why We Should Go Into Space“

Professor Stephen Hawking’s Speech „Why We Should Go Into Space“ streamed into Second Life® and NASA TV.

Weitere Infos in Englisch aus Youtube:
For the creation of this video I have taken some of my favorite parts of his lecture and combined them with video I recorded live in Second Life® during the event for the benefit of NASA Space CoLab. I’ve added music with permission of Voicedude Reinoir to help convey the emotion I feel as Professor Hawking speaks. I also interlaced some scenes from Second Life® locations that went along with his words.

Scenes include shots from NASA CoLab Island, The Scilands (National Space Society, International Spaceflight Museum, and Elon University islands),

All Machinima shot and edited by Me Earth Primbee. Music used with permission of copyright holder.

C-span recorded the whole lecture as well you can view it along with Lucy Hawking’s wonderful lecture on Science Education here:…

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