SL und Google Maps Mashup von Daden Limited

In einem aktuellen Video zeigt Daden Limited eine interessante Kombination von Second Life und Google Maps.

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A few months ago Second Life introduced the ability to bring web pages into SL – although you could not interact with them.

Daden have always had an interest in GIS data in virtual worlds so it was fairly natural for us to point the media stream at a Google Maps page and see it displayed in SL. Nice, but the problem was you
couldn’t pan or zoom – it was just one view.

After a bit of work we created a Google Maps controller in SL, which had the zoom and pan buttons (and even the Sat/Map overlay buttons), and let you start to browse Google Maps in SL just as you would on the web – but with the added advantage that you could do it collaboratively with those around you.

Fun, but it still took ages to go to a particular place, so we used our NewsGlobe geocoder to support a “find” function which let you chat “find London” (or whatever) and have the map zoom straight to the point of interest. Even so something was still lacking.

When we used NewsGlobe to generate a Google Map showing data points from a Google Earth or RSS feed, you could see them in Second Life (as green marks on the map image), but you couldn’t click on them – since the SL web page was not interactive.

A lot more work in the workshop and we cracked the problem. Now as we plotted a data feed not only did we get markers on the map image but we also had Second Life marker objects rezzed on top of the map in Second Life. If you then touched the marker you could view the related web page – either on an SL prim, or in the new built-in SL browser.

It just so happened that concurrently with this we were awarded a contract by Digital Birmingham (a part of Birmingham City Council) to create a virtual briefing hub to support the nascent Virtual Birmingham project (
Initially we’d intended to build this with static maps – but now we had Google Maps working it was natural to use that instead.

Our team have pulled together a great environment to support Digital Birmingham, and to show off the system and the city. At the whole earth level users can view BBC and CNN news feeds, or take part in a global “where am I” geography quiz. Zooming down into Birmingham we start overlaying websites and even photos from Flickr.

Our piece-de-resistance though is working out how to use the Google Maps images to create a pseudo-3D view of the city. Tall buildings are picked out as individual models (see picture above), and users can touch them to link to relevant web sites or, in the case of Millennium Point, our 1:1 model in Second Life.

We’ve also added videos, webcams, and some 360 degree panoramas, so that when you zoom into the Bullring in Birmingham (for example) you can not only stand on the map and look down, but also have the panorama displayed all around you.

There are a wide variety of ways in which the hub can now be used, For instance iCentrum (another Digital Birmingham partner) is providing us with datasets of medical facilities across the city. We also see applications around planning, infrastructure management and inward investment.


  1. pixelsebi says:

    Das ist ja mal genial. Muss ich nachher mal ausprobieren. Super Idee und das Video zeigt ja, dass es offensichtlich auch gut umgesetzt wurde.

  2. Michael Wald says:

    Jo, die sind ziemlich interessante Dinge am entwickeln.

    Z.B. Flugüberwachung…

    Eine Übersicht bei Dadem im Channel

    Und sehr nette Leute…

  3. Ich finde dieses Projekt sehr interessant!Ein wirklich gelungener Mashup.

  4. Life says:

    für 2400 L$ gibt es den Daden Navigator bei SLX:

  5. Michael Wald says:

    Ja thx Life.

    Ich mich gestern nestunde mit dem ding beschäftigt aber noch nich ans laufen bekommen…

    Das blöde ist auch das Problem mit den Scrollbalken auf Webseiten…

    Ein Hinweis noch zum Datenschutz:
    Es werden alle Aktionen mit dem Browser von Daden gespeichert….

  6. Michael Wald says:

    Ich hab mich…

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