Kulturkonserve Sony Home

Sony Home wurde ja seit Bekanntwerden oft mit Second Life in einem Atemzug genannt. Mittlerweile müsste es sich ja rum gesprochen haben, dass die beiden Plattformen völlig verschiedene Ansätze verfolgen.

Interessant fand ich dieses Video eines Users, welcher die länderspezifischen Unterschiede der Home Welten verglichen hat.

Ergänzend hierzu ist auch der Artikel von Dusan Writer´s interessant, in dem auf die Filterfunktionen im Home Universum eingegangen wird.

Verglichen mit Sony Home ist Second Life ein wahrer Kulturschmelztigel!

Der Text aus der Beschreibung des Videos

Please watch in HD!

So I spent an hour the other day creating psn accounts in both Japan and Britain just so I could join their respective „homes.“ At the time I thought it would be interesting to see the differences compared to the US version. Here are my thoughts now…

home, UK:
Well it’s nice to be able to speak to individuals here in English. Unfortunately, the conversations I had were very infrequent. It seems to me the social environment is a little more reserved vs the US version.

The outside environment is extremely small and cramped. Also the interior environments are basically the same as the US versions, hence why they are not in the first part of the video.

home, Japan:
What can I say? This is what I expected for home in regards to environment design. I mean you have snow on the ground, wind, clouds, a scenic view from a pier with a city beachline, a movie theater with 4 separate theaters with retro futuristic seating, you have cherry blossams, what else?…, oooh yea a „game room“ with video games from US home plus some retro japanese game (haven’t been able to play it yet), plus a namco retro video game room, darts, etc. However, the enviornments are so vast that people are sparsely populated, so it made it harder for me to socialize here as well (Not to mention my japanese is not all that good. So being able to read hiragana and knowing japanese to english translation is good to have).

Like home in Britain, the home in Japan lacked a dancing/music area. It would have been interesting to listen to their music choices and see people „act a fool“ like in the US.

Anyway Enjoy…

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