SL Event für Hospiz Sinus

Kurz gebloggt aus SL:

[9:25] Xon Emoto: Hallo, hier ist Hanno aus Hamburg
[9:25] Xon Emoto: Auf Hamburg North Beach läuft gerade ein Benefiz Konzert
[9:25] Steward Drumbeat: yep, hi hamburg =)
[9:25] Xon Emoto: wir sammeln für das Hospiz Sinus
[9:26] Xon Emoto: 12 Konzerte in 12 Stunden

und Hanno schickte mir diese Notecard:

Since friday, July 25th I moved into the hospice Sinus in Hamburg, germany, as my last home on earth.

Hospices are caring for people during theri last life time, keeping them free from pain, accompanying and helping their relatives and friends, trying to fulfill wishes.
For the first time since weeks I don’t have any pain and feel relaxed and save.
My hospice Sinus has to cover 10% of the running costs from donations, not easy, specially at times of a world wide economy crisis.

For friday, september 4th I am organizing a foundraiser event for
Sinus at my Hamburg S’Wings bar in sl.



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