Heidelberger Innovationsforum: Immersive Technologien am 12. April 2011

Heidelberger InnovationsforumDas 10. Heidelberger Innovationsforum steht ganz im Zeichen immersiver Technologien. Über 20 Unternehmen und Geschäftsideen aus diesem Kontext werden in 2 parallelen Panels vorgestellt.

Intel Capital investierte erst kürzlich 5,5 Mio Us Dollar in den „Platzhirsch“ Total Immersion. Hier im Video eine kleine Zusammenfassung der Einsatzgebiete:

Das Programm sieht folgendermaßen aus:

11:00 h | Teilnehmerregistierung. Ort: Studio der Villa Bosch
11:45 h | Begrüßung
12:00 h | Keynote: Sarik Weber

is a founder and Managing Director of  Hanse Ventures. As a pioneer in the position of Vice President of Sales he was responsible for the worldwide distribution of openBC, now the XING corporation

12:30 h | Keynote: Jason Della Rocca

is the founder of Perimeter Partners, a consultancy focused on developing game industry clusters around the world in partnership with stakeholders from government, academia and the game industry

13:30 h | Pause/Mittagessen

14:30 h | Geschäftsideen 1 bis 10 (6 + 4 Präsentationen à 8 Minuten)

Early Stage Ventures
Moderator: Corinna Thumm, Cyberforum e.V.

01 iuvaris
Hans-Georg Enkler, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Milad Dana, Panolife GmbH, Bremen

03 Communication device for deafblind people
Matthias Huster, Technical University Dresden

Darko Milic, Zesium Mobile, Serbia

05 arkavis – social gaming for the long tail
Frank Duffner, Arkavis, Mühlhausen

06 Realtime virtual reality and stereoscopics systems
Thierry Blandet, Pixium, Strasbourg, France

Showcase I: Early Stage Ventures
Moderator: Carlo Donzella, MediaKIS, Malta

Theme: „Gamification“
Anchor: Perimeter Partners (Canada) represented by: Jason Della Rocca, Senior Consultant

07 femory – my favorite memory/digital storytelling
Regina Wagner, femory GmbH, Munich

08 Azarak
Benc Orpac, Crux42/Digital Frame Studio, Stuttgart

09 <OPEN> Interactive art in the public space
Michi Meier, norisknofun medienabenteuer, Stuttgart

10 Orkitec – 3D real-time engine for internet browsers
Patrick Rau, kunst-stoff GmbH, Berlin

15:30 h | Meet the Panelists

16:30 h | Geschäftsideen 11 bis 20 (6 + 4 Präsentationen à 8 Minuten)

Innovation Matching
Moderator: Georgine Ludin, Cyberforum e.V.

11 AqWare – secure immersive environment system
T.R. Krishnan, Enidyn, India

12 Accelerating form based image prepocessing with digital hardware
Markus Holzer, Pforzheim University

13 Visibly better decisions: 3D visualization for product configuration with LumoLogic
Marc Herling, Lumo Graphics GmbH, Karlsruhe

14 IRET _ Multimodal interactive simulator for public safety and defence training
Dr Cosmin Munteanu, National Research Council IIT, Canada

15 Lymbix connotative intelligence
Heather-Anne Ritchie, Lymbix Inc., Canada

16 Collaborative real-time visualization for construction environment
Andoni Gonzalo, Agla4d Construction Technology, Spain

Showcase II: Innovation Matching
Moderator: Carlo Donzella, MediaKIS, Malta

Theme: „Taiwan ICT & Media industrial eco-system: collaboration opportunities“

Anchor: Institute for Information Industry (Taiwan) represented by: Stanley Wang, Deputy General Director Proposes

17 Superb quality telephony and teleconferencing
Dr Christian Hoene, University of Tübingen

18 DomeMod
Andreas Janthur, Berlin

19 Cyber classroom
Dr Andreas Wierse, VISENSO GmbH, Stuttgart

20 Next generation virtual world for corporate use
Markus Herkersdorf, TriCAT GmbH, Ulm

17:30 h | Meet the Panelists

18:00 h | bwcon: workshop „Creative Start-Ups“

Moderators: Dr Andreas Findeis and Nadja Haase, bwcon e.V.

– Dr Matthias Baumhauer, Mint Medical (tbc)
– Markus Turber, co-founder, Intuity Media Lab GmbH

The workshop offers participants an excellent opportunity to meet successful founders in order to exchange experiences. These entrepreneurs will focus on influential and particularly important success factors in developing businesses in the creative industries. They will also provide information on the nature of their own financing and the reasons for their choice. Furthermore, reference will be made to the organisation of new enterprises as well as to the fields of research and marketing and their significance for the development of an enterprise.

18:50 h | Transfer zum Palais Prinz Carl

19:30 h | Sektempfang und Abendessen im Palais Prinz Carl

* Dinner Speaker: Christian Couturier, General Director, National Research Council Canada, Institute for Information Technology
* bwcon: award „Best Business Idea“

Anmeldung und weitere Informationen unter http://www.heidelberger-innovationsforum.de/

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